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Santa’s comin’ to town

Bailey is loving the Christmas festivities! She loves to point to ornaments on the Christmas tree and have you identify them to her, and she’s especially enamored with snowmen, Christmas lights and Santa figurines. It’s so cute to watch! She runs in to the living room every morning and points up at the tree and starts babbling away. Precious times.

She’s into everything even more these days; she’s broken a few of Mommy’s dishes out of the kitchen, and now can open doors all on her own. We’re busy chasing her all around the house and she’s getting f-a-s-t. She still loves to laugh and finds humor in funny words and sounds, along with being tickled and playing peek-a-boo. She still gets a kick out of pulling the cat’s tail (poor guy) and has now resorted to trying to drag him around the kitchen (cave man characters dragging their wives by the hair come to mind).

She’s eating more and more foods and expanding her palette – from quina to turkey burgers and squash to kidney beans, she’s trying it all. She’s a very good eater and not very picky except for raw fruits, which she doesn’t seem to like the consistency of.

Here are some pictures taken recently.




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Post Thanksgiving update

Bailey had a great Thanksgiving sampling turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and all the works! She enjoyed every minute with her cousins, and got to go for a tractor ride, a hay ride, and she played most of the day!

She’s busy climing everything she can these days – from the ottoman to chairs, to stools, etc. She loves to climb! She’s eating more solids and seems to enjoy baked apples, black beans, rice, chicken, lamb, kidney beans and green beans. She also loves sweet potatoes. She’s still not sure about raw fruit, and spits out watermelon and strawberries. So that’s going to take time.

Bailey is also working on her language skills. She can say “woof woof” and “moo” when you ask her what those animals say, and she of course still says “wah-ta” (for water) and now she can say “pre-tee” (for pretty) and “no” (which is fast becoming one of her favorite words cause she’s catching on to what it means.

Always an adventure! Here are some pictures.


Playing piano - I'm starting early!


With Granny, Papa and all my cousins on Thanksgiving


With my Godmother, Aunt Marty


One day in Daddy's shoes and I'm done!


With Uncle Shawn


In a Turkey coma


I'm a climber!


I'm ready for Santa, Momma!

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