Christmas New Year’s… a great time!

Bailey had a fabulous holiday season. It couldn’t have been more special. She loved every minute of the festivities, from her admiring the Christmas tree (every day!) to helping Momma wrap presents, to trying new and interesting foods and even going to sit on Santa’s lap (at our local mall). Santa brought her lots of toys, including a wheelybug lady bug that she is finally starting to get the hang of. It’s one of those rider toys, but for the first week she just pushed it around, unsure of what to do with it exactly.

She’s growing like a weed and surprises us every day with her quick wit and ability to learn. She’s now saying “button,” “bless you”, “a-men”, “pretty” and “water” amongst other words. And what she can’t say, she dubs as “da-da” or “moah”. It’s so cute watching her trying to figure things out.

She enjoyed seeing her Uncle and his girlfriend over the holidays, and had a blast playing with them. She loved all the presents they got, and especially enjoyed the basket Danielle put together – it’s now her new toy bin! 🙂 She carries it around everywhere.

We are incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful daughter and wonderful family. Here are some pictures from the festivities.


With Santa for the first time...


Ugh oh, some guy distracted me and I didn't realize who I was with!?!? That's not Momma!


Bad Santa! Get away from me you scary man!


With Uncle Shawn on Christmas Day


Look at my new outfit!


Not sure which toy to play with first?!?!?


Playin' some Christmas tunes


All bundled up, cause it's cold outside!


Snug as a bug in a rug


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