15 months chatter chatter chatter

Bailey is talking up a storm these days! She seems to be learning new words by the minute. It’s adorable. Here’s a laundry list of most of the words she’s saying so far: amen, bless-shoo, angel, pease (for please), gata (for gator), nana, papa, Abby, Madie, Nic (her cousins), water, hot, mah (for more), night night, fish, bird, fog (for frog), moo, ruff ruff (dog sound), etc.

Her 15 month well visit at the pediatrician’s office last week went well. She’s still tracking to be very tall: 5’8″ or 5’9″ and she is 90% for height, 65% for weight and her head size is 75%. She’s healthy and all looks good!

She had a great time this weekend playing at Nana’s. Lots of new things to discover, and she loves and misses her Nana. They have a special bond. Next weekend she’ll get to see her Uncle, which will be a welcome treat for her, too. I know she enjoys all the noises her Uncle makes to entertain her!

Bailey has made great strides in her climbing skills as of late. She’s trying to get on top of everything, from her high chair to the dining room table and the coffee table. We’re constantly on to her and telling her to “sit” because we don’t want her falling. Try reasoning with a 15 month old! It’s never a dull moment. But she is such a joy to be with, and her smiles and laughs melt our hearts. We love her so much!


Kitty makes a nice pillow!


Looking for that blue light special...


With Daddy before church


What's up, peeps?


Ready for my breakfast!


Sweet girl


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