Taking care of babies

Bailey is showing her nurturing side. She has two dolls that are babies and she loves to hold them and love on them. This morning, her dad showed her how to check for a “stinky diaper.” I’m not sure what’s funnier – the idea that daddy did that or that Bailey also sniffed the plastic baby. So funny!

The coffee table is the main attraction at the moment. We have to get on to her about climbing up on it. She is definitely part monkey, and wants to climb anything, as most parents of children this age can attest. You have to keep up with her or else she’s on top of something else! She’s so curious. She also climbs into the toy chest and starts funneling toys out onto the floor, as if she’s sorting them. It’s so cute.

She’s been working on saying “cupcake,” “tractor,” and “bird” this week. Cupcake she says very well, surprisingly. She’s also learning how to blow kisses, and she gives kisses to all her cousins too.

Latest pics below!


Snow cute!


Sweetie pie


Protecting the house from the squirrels


The baby feeding the baby...


Playing IN my toy chest


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