16 months and saying so much

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. That’s what happens when a crazy work schedule gets in the way! Bailey is changing so much, and is resembling a little girl now more than a baby. How it flies! Her vocabulary is expanding, and she’s made a couple of 3 word sentences here and there. She’s also forming attachments to some toys, and particularly likes her baby dolls and the stroller they go in. It’s adorable. She’s her own little mommy.

She loves saying “Amen” after the blessing at the table, and is starting to want to learn how to use utensils… though she still has a ways to go. She can also climb up on almost everything, which means most things are not out of reach anymore. That fact keeps us on our toes! She can say “cupcake” and “Papa’s tractor” very well, and she also says “Baby go night night” when it’s time to sleep.

These are all such precious moments, moving by at warp speed. Time seems to fly by faster when you’re a parent. It makes you wonder what you did with all the time on your hands when you didn’t have kids…

Here are the latest pictures. Enjoy!


My first plane ride... not scared at all!


Got my dancin shoes on


Down the slide we go!


Hi Momma!


Got my best smile on!


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