Yeah baby!

Bailey is learning by the second. She’s saying all kinds of new things, and is even stringing some words together now. She’s now saying “Yeah baby!” “Mamma-dadda” “No Mommy” (no is her favorite word) “Papa Tractor” and “Hi Nana”. Actually, she can say “Hi!” in front of almost anything. It’s precious.It’s all coming to fruition for her.

Bailey is in LOVE with her toy dolls/babies. She plays with them non-stop, and pushes them around in the stroller, “smells” their diapers, dresses them and wraps them up in blankets. She’s so nurturing. It’s adorable.

She got a bit sick this last month and for the first time we had to give her antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. Getting a baby to sit still for nebulizer treatments is not an easy task! I think we did everything in our power to distract her and act silly with toys so she would sit still and breathe in. Now I see why other parents hate those things. It’s tough getting kids to not be scared and sit still. They don’t know what’s best for them. But by the end of her treatments, we could say to her, “Bailey, time for your medicine!” and she’d go pick out 2-3 dolls/toys that she wanted us to distract her with, and she’d climb up to her chair. So all was not lost!

Bailey is doing a good job of feeding herself with a fork. She’s slowly getting the hang of it. A lot of the food still ends up on the floor, or in her lap, but she likes stabbing the delicate pieces with her small-size fork and bringing it close to her mouth. She’s exercising her independence… in so many unique ways!

This last weekend, she helped us out in the yard. Daddy planted new flowers out front, and she did her best to help by picking up the plastic containers, dragging around the shovel and taking her own bucket and stashing away leaves and other little articles. She’s so curious.

Just a few days and she’ll be 17 months. My how time flies!


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