Almost 18 months and sassy

Bailey’s independent streak is starting to show. When she doesn’t like something, she eagerly announces “NO!” and then runs off. She’s doing this whenever she has a dirty diaper, it’s time for a nap, or it’s time for her to do something she doesn’t find entertaining. It’s so funny to watch her assert her independence! While she still likes knowing Mama and Daddy are here to help her, she’s rapidly becoming her own little person, and making her needs — and wants — well known!

New words are bubbling off her tiny precious lips by the day; she’s added “swimming,” “monkey,” “dirty,” “lovebug” and “tractor” to her arsenal, among other words. She’s also stringing more phrases together. It’s all making sense now inside her brain. Fascinating!

Next week we head to her pediatrician’s office again for her 18 month checkup. We’ll see how much she’s grown and where she’s at percentage wise. We have a busy weekend planned ahead – seeing friends Joe and Nancy tomorrow, going to the duck farm to see chicks, and then on to Nana and Grandpa’s house for lots of fun!



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