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18 months!

Bailey is 18 months old and is loving every minute of life. She’s such a happy baby! Last weekend for Mother’s Day we went to Hammock Beach Resort for the weekend and she had a blast with all her cousins, aunts and uncle’s. She rode the slide, played in the waves, dug in the dirt (she did lots of that!) and totally and completely enjoyed herself. Words are rolling off her tongue effortlessly these days. She’s saying “dirty” to and about everything that is dirty. She picks up pieces of dirt on the floor and says “dirty.”

This girl might be OCD! (She has a little bit of her Mama in her.) She loves playing with the cat, and is enamored still with the water. She loves her new baby giraffe pool and the little sprinkler addition we got. She has so much fun! Here are some recent pictures.



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