19 months

Hard to believe almost a month has gone by since my last entry. Time is a flyin! Bailey is doing so much these days, and still changing so fast. Her language skills are growing by leaps and bounds. She now says “Hello, Kitty Cat,” ” Baby go nite nite,” “Want blankey, Mama” and more. She’s putting 3-4 words together now, and is very clear on what she does (and doesn’t) want. Her attachments are cute – she loves her pacifier and her blanket, especially for comfort during naps or night time sleep.

She’s now used to her crib tent, and we sleep peacefully knowing she can’t get out of her crib and wander around at night. She is such a little monkey – she is climbing on everything! The coffee table, her high chair, our dining room table, you name it. She is not scared, and is a bit of a daredevil trying to jump off of things. It’s gonna be interesting the next few months! She’s gotten to spend lots of time with her cousins, and she enjoys them so much. She’s enamored with all the things they do, and I know she can’t wait to be bigger so she can play more with them. They fawn all over her and love on her, which is so sweet. She enjoys every second of attention!





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