Almost 20 months old

Bailey seems like she’s growing an inch a week. She’s getting so big, and heavy! Time is flying. She’s into all kinds of new things, and is loving exploring just about everything. We got her a new Little Tykes car, and she loves sitting and “driving.” So cute. And she’s also gotten to play in the pool a few times a week now for a couple of months. She loves the water, and loves Daddy to pick her up and throw her. No fear at all! Her language skills are great – she’s putting 3 words together now, and she can identify most animals now on sight. She can tell you what sound many animals make, too.

The cutest thing that happened recently was when we were at Nana’s house, and Bailey saw their dog, Sophie, eating her dog food. Bailey was perplexed and her Dad said, “Yep, the dog didn’t say the blessing before eating.” And Bailey exclaimed, “Amen Doggie!” She will not live that down. It was adorable and had us all howling. She loves to wrestle and horseplay, and gets a kick out of laying on top of our cat. He’s very tolerant of her. She loves her cousins, and is particularly fond of Madie and Chloe. She’s really taken to them.

It’s cute to watch her look up to them and want to do all the things they’re doing. Bailey’s feeding herself as well, and tells you when she’s ready for bed. Imagine that! She also comes up to me, saying, “Momma, diaper dirty.” Time for potty training!Our little princess is totally aware of what’s going on. What’s been amazing to see is how much love she has in her heart. She is such a sweet, caring, child. Very sensitive and loving. But then again, she’s easy to love! Here are some recent pictures.








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