Baby running!

Bailey’s latest thing is “Baby running!” She tears across the room at Mach 5 (running as fast as her little legs will allow) and then yells, “Baby running!” She does this several times a day, and it’s very cute. She’s very into ‘announcing’ things, like “Nana coming” or “Dada coming home.”

She’s very aware of who’s coming in the house and who’s leaving, and is on such a schedule that she knows who should be here when. She’s got us pegged already! In other news, she’s grown almost a full inch in a month, so at her 2 year checkup in 4 months I’ll be interested to see where she’s at height-wise. She seems to be taller than most kids her age, though she is leaning up and getting a lot thinner due to activity.

She still loves the pool, and loves to be thrown up in the air and caught by her Dad. She’s also very into cooking, and wants to know about all the things that go into the pot or pan as I’m preparing meals. She can now identify most produce, and she knows all her animals as well as the sounds they make. She’s still quite interested in all her books, and her sitter as well as Nana have bought her several to keep her entertained. She now picks out her books at night (or anytime during the day for that matter) to have storytime. There are definitely stories she prefers, such as “Goodnight, Gorilla!” “Goodnight Moon” and “I Can Do It!” She also is taking to nursery times, and enjoys the pictures. Here are some of her latest photos!




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