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21 months

Hard to believe Bailey is whizzing towards two! Her language is really picking up these past few weeks, and she can say almost everything. She loves chanting “Look at me!” or “Watch out!” and especially loves to line up her little animals and have them as her audience. She likes being the center of attention (around people and loved ones she knows). It’s adorable!

Bailey knows most all of her animals upon sight, and can also say all the sounds animals make. She is also very in-tune with our schedules of when Da-Da is going to work, and when Mommy is working, and she knows when Nana and the sitter are coming. She’s very observant, and has picked up on the small nuances of time and schedules, even though she doesn’t quite know what time is yet, she’s aware of the fact that there is an order to her days. The pool has been her favorite past time this summer. She’s learning to float, and she loves being thrown up in the air by Dad and doing “flying baby.” She’s very much the water bug, and loves to jump up and down in the water and splash.

Her latest infatuations are chairs and legos. She got a bigger lego set recently, and is enjoying building a tower as tall as she can get it, but once it falls Mama or Daddy has to “fix it.” She also got a rocking giraffe (like a rocking horse) that she can ride and it plays songs. She loves it and says “Look Mama!” whenever she hops on. She’s so excited about all the things she can now do. S

he is truly a special, loving child, and she is very affectionate and giving. We love her dearly, as always! Here are some recent pictures.










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