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23 months & going on 3

It’s been forever since I’ve updated the blog… things have been crazy! Between travel, work and life, I’ve gotten behind on my baby blogging duties. Nevertheless, things have been going well, and Bailey is such an amazing little girl – she is such a blessing in our lives. Lots of new things have happened in the last 2 months.

She got a new playground which her Uncle, her Dad and her Grandpa all put together on Labor Day. She LOVES it! She is such a big girl and goes down the slide all by herself, and it only took her about 2 weeks to figure out how to climb the rock wall. She still is not sure about the swing portion of it, but loves playing on it, taking little trinkets up with her to the treehouse part, and then pushing those things down the slide! Our little girl has found more of her voice, too, and she expresses herself. Ahhh… toddlers! “I want…” becomes the mantra of the day. We are working on manners, and how to say please, thank you, and may I be excused.

She’s doing well, even if she has to be constantly reminded. She can also count to 6, can recite several nursery rhymes perfectly, and she is starting to sing her own songs. It’s adorable! Bailey loves her Nana and Grandpa, as well as her cousins and her Granny and Papa. She enjoys hanging out with the family, and particularly likes Zach and Livvy, her two youngest cousins. She’s busy trying to emulate what they do, and she’s just one of the gang (all 10 of them) when they’re around. I can’t believe her birthday is almost here and she’ll be two. Bye bye baby, hello, little girl. It truly does go by so fast. All those ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ moments seem like an eternity when you’re tired and bleary eyed, but each is a moment to be treasured, as life is so wonderfully precious.












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