Long time… no update

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog. I’ve been slacking! But Bailey is doing great and is getting more interactive and lovable every day (as if that’s possible). She had a great Christmas with family and friends, and thoroughly enjoyed our family Christmas party where Santa actually showed up! She was beside herself with excitement. And of course, Bailey was good last year so Santa gave her lots of fun presents. Christmas Day was spent with family at our house this year. We had a great meal and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Daddy got a new RC helicopter, so everyone was playing with that, young and old alike. The cousins love it! Since the New Year, Bailey’s assertiveness is developing by leaps and bounds. She asks for what she wants (rather demands), loves to be the center of attention and she willingly snuggles with you now and gives hugs and kisses. It’s so sweet to see the reciprocated love. Her favorite foods are (surprise!) pizza, spaghetti and anything with a noodle in it, and like Daddy, she’s discovered a particular love for chocolate chip cookies. She now enjoys going to church on weekends and doesn’t cry when we drop her off. She loves doing crafts, painting, coloring and playing with stickers. She’s also now doing more than just “bang” on the piano, and enjoys singing songs to herself. It’s adorable! Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!








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