The chickens & the ducks, and the ducks and the chickens

Bailey has thoroughly been enjoying her summer with all her cousins and new friends. Her cousin Nicholas got some ducks and chickens he’s raised from infancy, and she has been enamored with them from day one. Whether it’s picking them up, talking to them, or chasing them, she’s enjoyed every minute with the ducks! They have names like E.R., Little Bit (the miniature chicken), and the other ducks aren’t named, but Bailey loves these animals so much. She looks forward to going to Aunt Marty’s and can’t wait to see them.

Bailey is also getting very excited for her little sister to arrive. With just 4 weeks to go now, I’m not sure I can get any bigger! It’s been a bit crazy with work schedules and trying to wrap up major projects before she arrives, but we’re very excited and so blessed to have another baby girl coming. Bailey has been so nurturing to Mommy, and she hugs my belly and talks to her little sister all the time. In the morning, she comes in to greet me and says, “Good morning, baby sister!” It’s so sweet. These are memories that I’ll always cherish.

I had a wonderful baby shower at the Ritz Carlton last weekend thrown by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It was fabulous and the wonderful group of women there were just so amazing to come and be so supportive. I am so thankful for all who have prayed for our family. We feel eternally blessed by these relationships. The tea itself was delicious, and the sandwiches and desserts the Ritz served were heavenly. I was definitely craving the chocolate! And my mom made some wonderful peach/strawberry jam and beautiful recipe cards that everyone took home. All in all, it was a fabulous day!

I am going to try to update this blog more often now that I’ve migrated everything to Posterous. Their mobile and email blogging technology makes it much easier to update, and even though I build websites for a living, I need something that works for me personally and is easy to use!

Here’s Bailey with the beloved chickens. Go ahead and laugh!


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