A big week for our little girl!

It’s been a BIG week for Bailey! We found out she was accepted into the FUMC Preschool program, and we are so thrilled! For her to be learning in a Christian environment with teachers who really care about her is such a blessing. I met her two teachers, Kirsten and Sarah, and they are great. Bailey will even have a “class pet”… a hamster! (Just don’t send it home or our cat may eat it.)

We’re so excited for her to start this new adventure, and we can’t wait to hear all the songs she’ll learn, the love God has for her, and the stories she’ll tell as her life unfolds with new friends. I got her a princess backpack to take to school, and we are telling her how much fun she’ll have.

In other news, Bailey’s big girl bed finally arrived! We put it together last night and she was beyond excited. She even helped screw in her own finials! She jumped all over it, rolled on it, claimed it as her own, and was generally grinning from ear to ear the whole time. She didn’t even wave goodbye to the crib as we moved it across the hall for her new baby sister coming in just a few weeks! I though she would have some attachment to it, but I was wrong! She was ecstatic about this next phase of her life.

She’s also had a great time with Nana this week (Nana spent the night), and she enjoys reading and playing with her ducks with Nana. They make up all kinds of stories. If only her great grandfather Stanley were here to tell her stories. He’d have her baffled… and laughing… at the same time.

Lastly, Daddy did a triathlon last weekend and did very well! He was 4th coming out of the swim and 8th coming off the bike. The dreaded run was not a favorite, but he  did well and finished in a great time. Bailey was excited for Daddy to come home and see her after the event, and very curious as to why numbers were all over his legs and arms. She doesn’t miss a thing!

Here are some pics!


Reading stories with Nana


Go Daddy! (After the triathlon)


Helping screw the finials on her bed. She was ready!


Ahhh… I love my big girl bed, Mommy!


Breaking in the bed


More breaking in the bed.


Whoo hoo, party time!


All ready for night night!

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