Home from the hospital

We are home! We brought Noelle home from the hospital at lunch time yesterday, and she is doing really well. She loves to nurse so far, and is tolerating her big sister’s curiosity very well. For Bailey, this is quite an experience. She loves looking and touching Noelle, and is definitely enamored by her. There seems to be a bit of jealousy too, which we’re trying to work through. Bailey is definitely struggling with not being the center of attention, so it’s just going to take some time to to get used to this transition.

Noelle is already showing her own unique personality traits, and is quite the snuggler! She loves to be held and touched, and she prefers sleeping with her whole body draped across mommy’s chest. It doesn’t make for the most comfortable sleeping arrangement, but I’m enjoying the snuggling… Even if I did only get two hours of sleep.

Noelle looks very similar to Bailey, but also has her own unique characteristics. She has blonde eyelashes and eyebrows, unlike Bailey, and her mouth seems a bit bigger, too. But they both have the same long, skinny fingers as their dad, as well as his huge feet!



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