2 months old

Today is Noelle’s 2 month mark. Time is flying in so many ways, and every day she changes. It’s so exciting to watch her grow and change, and take in the world around her. She’s all smiles now (when she’s fed), and loves to stare at your face and interact with you. She’s truly engaged, and can hold her attention on you for quite a long time! 

We’ve discovered she loves her little Einstein’s gym, and she’s enamored with all the music, colors and shapes she can see above her. She loves to kick her legs and move her arms, and she smiles when you talk to her while she’s having some tummy time.

Unfortunately, Noelle caught Bailey’s cold, so she had her first “sick” visit to the pediatrician yesterday. Fortunately it seems to be just a cold, so we’re hoping she bounces back quickly. She’s not been the happiest camper the last couple of days because of all the coughing and congestion, so we’re giving her some extra love and trying to get her to rest so she recovers quickly.

Here are some recent pics!


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