Christmas celebration

Noelle is now 3 months old and Bailey had her Christmas production/celebration at her preschool church tonight. It was adorable! All the kids got up and had a song to sing, and it was fun watching the two, three and four year olds’ personalities come out. Some little ones were overachievers, reciting every word and signing perfectly. Others were bashful. Still others found their parents and became excited. It was a fun evening, and a proud night for Matt and I.

Bailey sang her song to the tune of “Jingle Bells” and did great! She smiled and wasn’t shy this time at all. We were so proud of her. She did very well, and was attentive afterwards when all the other classes did their songs. She really enjoyed herself.

Noelle is now 3 months and is truly growing like a weed. She’s a little “chunky monkey” now, and is filling out and looking cuter than ever. She loves to smile, and she’s finding her legs and loves for you to pull her up to a standing position. She can’t get enough of that trick! She’s also talking more and is curious about what her big sister is up to.

We leave next week for North Carolina and can’t wait for both of our girls to see some festive Christmas time snow… it will be a first for both!

Here is Bailey singing and a few pics of Noelle.


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