Great Christmas!

It was a great Christmas this year for our family. After celebrating with Uncle Shawn on the 11th, Bailey was even more excited to open presents and I often had to chide her for playing with the wrapping paper on all the presents under the tree. She would ask every evening if Santa was coming.

This year marked our first year as a family taking a pre-Christmas vacation, since Matt is often engulfed in fruit orders and fruit dilemmas. But this year he left the reigns to his capable fleet of employees, and we took off for Waynesville, NC to visit with some friends at their mountain house. It was a fun experience, and everyone did great on the plane rides… even Noelle! Bailey had some funny moments pre-boarding. As we were on our way to the airport, she saw all the planes out on the tarmac and started singing, “We’re going on an airplane, we’re going on an airplane… we’re going on a purr-purr…”

I have no idea what a “purr purr’ is but we were laughing hysterically. Then, upon takeoff, Bailey exclaimed out of the blue, “Hold on, Mr. Monkey!” Again, we were laughing, as were our neighbors. She was quite the ham!

Bailey had fun with Kristina’s kids at the mountain house, and overall, did great. She faceplanted every night since she didn’t take a nap, but hey, that’s what vacations are for. We went on the Polar Express in Bryson City, which she loved. She gobbled up the cookies and hot cocoa, but balked when Santa came to our train car to give her the jingle bell from his sleigh. She’s still afraid of ole St. Nic. She’ll get there. Noelle also was a pretty good traveler. She fell asleep in car seats and did pretty well sleeping at night despite the ruckus from all the kids running around. Waynesville is beautiful and quaint; a small town I could definitely visit again. We were able to get into town for one day and we went to the Mast General Store, some neat North Carolina furniture stores, and no visit would be complete without some yummy gourmet chocolate around the holidays. I sampled an amaretto chocolate truffle that was to *die* for. My mouth waters just thinking about it!

Christmas Eve was fun for Bailey. We went to church and then had dinner with some friends at our local sushi restaurant. Bailey gobbled down seaweed salad for the first time (and loved it!) and did beautifully. She loved playing with our friends’ boys. She was such a little princess in her black and white velvet dress.

We put out cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, and Bailey was kind of bothered by the fact that she wasn’t going to eat the cookies as they were reserved for Santa. But she trotted off to bed without much of a fuss and we actually had to wake her up the next morning she was so tired. We told her, “Santa’s been here, Bailey!” She came running out of her room and when she first saw her new plasma car she questioned, “But that’s not a purple butterfly!” Hilarious.

In any case, Christmas Day brought a plethora of gifts! Bailey did get a plasma car, but lots of butterfly things (since that’s her current obsession) as well as some shoes, stickers and a fairy couch from Nana which pulls out into a sleeping bag. She loves it and wants to nap/sleep/watch tv in it. So cute.

Noelle was as cute as ever in her Christmas outfit and melting all the grandparents’ hearts. She’s such a blessing and we’re so glad she’s finally here. It was a great day and a great couple weeks. Looking forward to 2012!



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  1. Tara

    Oh, Susan! What a wonderful Christmas story! I am especially proud of your little ginger snaps for doing so well on the “purr-purr”–melts my flight attendant heart! Love you all!

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