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Our big talker

Noelle is growing like a weed and is quickly becoming quite the personality! She is also finding her vocal chords. She loves to squeal and screech, and often does so for quite a while (which can be a drain on one’s ears at times). But she is such a big personality, we can’t help but laugh! She’s now rolling over both ways and is close to trying to sit up on her own. I can’t believe the leaps and bounds she’s made over the last few weeks. I remember Bailey at this age but with Noelle, time seems to be flying much faster.

Bailey is still enjoying preschool and adores her teachers. She is quite the “mama bear” and her teachers tell me she is a sweet child and very bright (no surprise to this mommy). Bailey and Noelle are starting to engage each other more and Bailey is enthralled watching Noelle grow and learn new skills. We still have some jealousy present but it’s much better than it was in the beginning. Both girls have accepted the fact that they have to live together (for now, ha ha).

We’re still not getting a whole lot of sleep but it is getting better now that our little hoover baby is over 15 lbs. She loves to nurse and is now eating solid foods. She likes sweet potatoes, apples and pears the most. She’s still unsure about squash, peas and carrots, but she is trying them. We enjoy both girls so much and we are so thankful for them. They are true blessings!


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4 months and growing

It’s been a crazy few weeks since Christmas and it’s been so frenetic that I’ve barely had time to sleep, much less keep up with this blog. The girls are both doing well, despite some winter runny noses and here and there, and Noelle and Bailey are both growing like weeds.

Bailey loves preschool and although a challenge at times for her teachers, she is a smart, sweet girl who shows empathy for others and continues to bring joy to those around her. She is very imaginative and loves playing make believe with her Disney princesses as well as her purple butterfly pillow pet, which Santa brought her for Christmas. She is obsessed with purple butterflies, and everything revolves around them. It’s cute but sometimes her obsession borders on overboard, since nighttime can be a challenge if certain things are missing from her bed.

Noelle is a spunky little girl and she loves to smile. She has started laughing, albeit one syllable retorts. She is also rolling over and (gasp!) loves sleeping on her belly. Her sister was the same way. She’s still up a few times a night to nurse – more to comfort herself than anything, and she loves being held. Matt calls her “the hitchhiker.” We’ve probably spoiled her, but we just love her so much and she is so stinkin’ cute.

Things are going pretty well, even though I wish I was getting more sleep at night. I can’t complain, though. We have 2 healthy beautiful children and they are the joy of our lives. We thank God for them everyday!

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