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Long time… no update

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog. I’ve been slacking! But Bailey is doing great and is getting more interactive and lovable every day (as if that’s possible). She had a great Christmas with family and friends, and thoroughly enjoyed our family Christmas party where Santa actually showed up! She was beside herself with excitement. And of course, Bailey was good last year so Santa gave her lots of fun presents. Christmas Day was spent with family at our house this year. We had a great meal and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Daddy got a new RC helicopter, so everyone was playing with that, young and old alike. The cousins love it! Since the New Year, Bailey’s assertiveness is developing by leaps and bounds. She asks for what she wants (rather demands), loves to be the center of attention and she willingly snuggles with you now and gives hugs and kisses. It’s so sweet to see the reciprocated love. Her favorite foods are (surprise!) pizza, spaghetti and anything with a noodle in it, and like Daddy, she’s discovered a particular love for chocolate chip cookies. She now enjoys going to church on weekends and doesn’t cry when we drop her off. She loves doing crafts, painting, coloring and playing with stickers. She’s also now doing more than just “bang” on the piano, and enjoys singing songs to herself. It’s adorable! Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!








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The streaker

Bailey is a little streaker. She loves to run naked through the house every night in pure glory. She is hilarious. She takes off like a rocket ship after toweling off, and runs as fast as her little feet will allow through the house yelling, “I’m streakin’! I’m streakin!” It’s a sight to see. She makes us laugh. She’s becoming a beautiful little girl, and a handful all at the same time. Her language skills are developing at an amazing pace. Instead of 3 or 4 word sentences, she’s now using 6-7 words or more.

She repeats everything you say (uh oh, watch out!) and she asks lots of questions, which is typical. She’s also asserting herself more, which is to be expected. Her latest thing is not wanting to eat her food, but she doesn’t realize that Mommy is not a short order cook. She’s even flung her food at the sitter, and loves to test Daddy at the table by throwing a fit. That said, she’s learned “hungry” is not a great place to be, and when hungry, she’ll eat with no complaints.

Two days ago she came to me in bed and said, “I love you momma.” All on her own. Completely spontaneous. It made my morning. She also loves Daddy to throw her up in the air, and she squeals with delight when she gets to do “flying baby”. She’s also become fascinated with driving, and loves to sit in the front seat of the car and pretend to steer the wheel. It’s now a daily request to go driving, and she exclaims heartily, “I LOVE to drive!” Her Uncle Shawn has been visiting the last month, and she has thoroughly enjoyed seeing him. He makes funny faces at her, which she is truly fascinated with. He also plays with her and she enjoys the fact that he is like a big kid and gets down on her level to play with her. It’s sweet to watch and we enjoy watching her with him.

These are precious, endearing moments to be treasured. I want her to know and love her Uncle just as much as he loves her. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it promises to be a packed day with family. Granny has reserved a bounce house and there will be plenty of activities for all the kids. With 42 people (most of them kids), it’s sure to be a great day of memories. Here are some recent pictures!





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Happy Birthday Bailey!

Bailey had a great 2 year old birthday last week. I made her polka dot (as she refers to them) cupcakes, and she help put the icing on them (rather, she licked it off as I’d put it on). She had so much fun in the kitchen. Little does she know her bigger party with all her cousins is this upcoming weekend, but on her actual birthday it was just her, daddy and me. She loved her birthday but was unsure of the lit candles at first. It was so cute watching her try to figure out how to blow the candles out. We had to help her. It didn’t take her long, however, to dive in to her chocolate cupcake. She then started feeding pieces of it to her Dad and me. Adorable.

She got icing all over her – of course! – but had a blast. We got her a tricycle too, and while she’s still unsure of the pedals, she puts her “Mamma Duck” rubber ducky in the seat and pushes her all around the sidewalk. Too cute! Bailey was (gasp!) a duck for Halloween. She picked out her costume. For the last 4-5 months she has been obsessed with all things duck. We have plastic duckies all around the house, from ducks with pacifiers to mamma ducks, to a red rubber ducky that supposedly is “in charge” of the other baby ducks.

She has set up her own pecking order (pun intended) for each of them. And there are certain ducks she likes to sleep with, and others that go in the shower or bath tub. It’s ducky madness around this house! God forbid you forget to put a duck in bed with her… she has a nervous breakdown. Nevertheless, she had a great time trick or treating with her cousins, and got the hang of the “Trick or Treat” pretty fast. At first she was scared of Zachary’s costume (her youngest cousin), but once she figured out he was still under the mask, she was okay.

She loved getting the candy, and carried not one but TWO pumpkin candy holders around. After being scared of regular pumpkins for a month, the pink pumpkins got her “over” her pumpkin problem. Go figure! Here are some pictures from her birthday and Halloween. Enjoy! 

















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23 months & going on 3

It’s been forever since I’ve updated the blog… things have been crazy! Between travel, work and life, I’ve gotten behind on my baby blogging duties. Nevertheless, things have been going well, and Bailey is such an amazing little girl – she is such a blessing in our lives. Lots of new things have happened in the last 2 months.

She got a new playground which her Uncle, her Dad and her Grandpa all put together on Labor Day. She LOVES it! She is such a big girl and goes down the slide all by herself, and it only took her about 2 weeks to figure out how to climb the rock wall. She still is not sure about the swing portion of it, but loves playing on it, taking little trinkets up with her to the treehouse part, and then pushing those things down the slide! Our little girl has found more of her voice, too, and she expresses herself. Ahhh… toddlers! “I want…” becomes the mantra of the day. We are working on manners, and how to say please, thank you, and may I be excused.

She’s doing well, even if she has to be constantly reminded. She can also count to 6, can recite several nursery rhymes perfectly, and she is starting to sing her own songs. It’s adorable! Bailey loves her Nana and Grandpa, as well as her cousins and her Granny and Papa. She enjoys hanging out with the family, and particularly likes Zach and Livvy, her two youngest cousins. She’s busy trying to emulate what they do, and she’s just one of the gang (all 10 of them) when they’re around. I can’t believe her birthday is almost here and she’ll be two. Bye bye baby, hello, little girl. It truly does go by so fast. All those ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ moments seem like an eternity when you’re tired and bleary eyed, but each is a moment to be treasured, as life is so wonderfully precious.











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21 months

Hard to believe Bailey is whizzing towards two! Her language is really picking up these past few weeks, and she can say almost everything. She loves chanting “Look at me!” or “Watch out!” and especially loves to line up her little animals and have them as her audience. She likes being the center of attention (around people and loved ones she knows). It’s adorable!

Bailey knows most all of her animals upon sight, and can also say all the sounds animals make. She is also very in-tune with our schedules of when Da-Da is going to work, and when Mommy is working, and she knows when Nana and the sitter are coming. She’s very observant, and has picked up on the small nuances of time and schedules, even though she doesn’t quite know what time is yet, she’s aware of the fact that there is an order to her days. The pool has been her favorite past time this summer. She’s learning to float, and she loves being thrown up in the air by Dad and doing “flying baby.” She’s very much the water bug, and loves to jump up and down in the water and splash.

Her latest infatuations are chairs and legos. She got a bigger lego set recently, and is enjoying building a tower as tall as she can get it, but once it falls Mama or Daddy has to “fix it.” She also got a rocking giraffe (like a rocking horse) that she can ride and it plays songs. She loves it and says “Look Mama!” whenever she hops on. She’s so excited about all the things she can now do. S

he is truly a special, loving child, and she is very affectionate and giving. We love her dearly, as always! Here are some recent pictures.









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Baby running!

Bailey’s latest thing is “Baby running!” She tears across the room at Mach 5 (running as fast as her little legs will allow) and then yells, “Baby running!” She does this several times a day, and it’s very cute. She’s very into ‘announcing’ things, like “Nana coming” or “Dada coming home.”

She’s very aware of who’s coming in the house and who’s leaving, and is on such a schedule that she knows who should be here when. She’s got us pegged already! In other news, she’s grown almost a full inch in a month, so at her 2 year checkup in 4 months I’ll be interested to see where she’s at height-wise. She seems to be taller than most kids her age, though she is leaning up and getting a lot thinner due to activity.

She still loves the pool, and loves to be thrown up in the air and caught by her Dad. She’s also very into cooking, and wants to know about all the things that go into the pot or pan as I’m preparing meals. She can now identify most produce, and she knows all her animals as well as the sounds they make. She’s still quite interested in all her books, and her sitter as well as Nana have bought her several to keep her entertained. She now picks out her books at night (or anytime during the day for that matter) to have storytime. There are definitely stories she prefers, such as “Goodnight, Gorilla!” “Goodnight Moon” and “I Can Do It!” She also is taking to nursery times, and enjoys the pictures. Here are some of her latest photos!



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Almost 20 months old

Bailey seems like she’s growing an inch a week. She’s getting so big, and heavy! Time is flying. She’s into all kinds of new things, and is loving exploring just about everything. We got her a new Little Tykes car, and she loves sitting and “driving.” So cute. And she’s also gotten to play in the pool a few times a week now for a couple of months. She loves the water, and loves Daddy to pick her up and throw her. No fear at all! Her language skills are great – she’s putting 3 words together now, and she can identify most animals now on sight. She can tell you what sound many animals make, too.

The cutest thing that happened recently was when we were at Nana’s house, and Bailey saw their dog, Sophie, eating her dog food. Bailey was perplexed and her Dad said, “Yep, the dog didn’t say the blessing before eating.” And Bailey exclaimed, “Amen Doggie!” She will not live that down. It was adorable and had us all howling. She loves to wrestle and horseplay, and gets a kick out of laying on top of our cat. He’s very tolerant of her. She loves her cousins, and is particularly fond of Madie and Chloe. She’s really taken to them.

It’s cute to watch her look up to them and want to do all the things they’re doing. Bailey’s feeding herself as well, and tells you when she’s ready for bed. Imagine that! She also comes up to me, saying, “Momma, diaper dirty.” Time for potty training!Our little princess is totally aware of what’s going on. What’s been amazing to see is how much love she has in her heart. She is such a sweet, caring, child. Very sensitive and loving. But then again, she’s easy to love! Here are some recent pictures.







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