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8 weeks old!

Noelle is 8 weeks old this week. In some ways, time has absolutely flown, and in other ways (like in the dead of night when you’re awakened for the 4th time to nurse), it seems to drag on and on. You swear you’ll never sleep again, and then you have a good night and get a taste of that untouchable sleep that had previously alluded you the previous weeks. 

Noelle is now starting to get on a schedule, and while we still have our ups and downs, she’s giving us clearer sleep cues and hunger cues. She’s learning about how the world operates, and we’re learning about her. She LOVES the sound of running water, and also seems to like a straight “humming” sound. She likes being swung… but ironically, only on her stomach. She seems soothed when Daddy does squats while holding her or (gasp!) even bicep curls. Matt’s workout regime has been reduced to using children as weights, but hey, whatever works!

Bailey is doing well, even though she’s been a bit under the weather recently. She’s caught a couple of bugs at preschool which have landed her in the doctor’s office. But she’s bouncing back and has said a few things recently to us which have made us cry with laughter. She’s quite the ham! Her teachers say she’s very smart and curious, though she has an iron-clad will and absolutely won’t do something when she’s resolved to it in her mind. There’s no changing it. 

She’s been very festive lately now that the holidays are upon us. She loved trick or treating with her cousins, and has fallen in love with Snickers candy. Once Halloween was over, she said to me, “Mommy, the pumpkins have to go. We have to get the Christmas tree up, and we need reindeer this year. Please get this done before Daddy gets home.” Hysterical… but she’s all business! Bailey is also into make-believe, and enjoys playing with her new Disney princess figurines she got for her birthday. She’s now given them the name of her classmates, which includes the boys. So the boys are wearing dresses and doing what she wants them to do. We get a good laugh out of it — the innocence of 3 is precious.


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